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The Malaysian Currency :  Circulation Coins

Past Series - first series

The Central Bank issues coins for ordinary circulation. The first coin was issued on 12 June 1967 comprised of five denominations, bearing the image of Parliament House and a 13-pointed star and crescent moon as a common motif on the obverse side. The denominations, 1 sen, 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen, appear at the centre on the reverse side, with the word 'Malaysia' above, along the periphery. The year of mintage was shown below the denominations. All regular legal tender coins and some of the non-proof commemorative coins were minted at the Bank's Mint at Shah Alam. A number of non-proof and all proof commemorative coins were minted overseas.

The Bank issued a new coin of $1 denomination for normal circulation as part of the standard currency issue on 1 May 1971. The coin has an incuse-lettered edge with the inscription 'BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA' repeated twice around the periphery of the coin, instead of the normal milled edge.

RM 1
RM1 obverse RM1 reverse
50 sen
50 sen obverse 50 sen reverse
20 sen
20 sen obverse 20 sen reverse
10 sen
10 sen obverse 10 sen reverse
5 sen
5 sen obverse 5 sen reverse
1 sen
1 sen obverse 1 sen reverse