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The Malaysian Currency :  Circulation Notes

Past Series - RM1000

A design pattern based on a Malaysian silver drum (Gendang nobat of Terengganu) surrounds the portrait of DYMM the first Yang Di Pertuan Agong. The general background design includes patterns based on songket, batik, ornaments, silver drum and other crafts as well as intricate geometrical patterns. To the right of the $1,000 denomination at the bottom was a prominent design based on ornament from a silver drum from Terengganu. The latent image was featured in this area. Further to its right at the centre was an intricate pattern of ukiran architectural ornament. The see-through feature takes the form of a carved flower pattern.

The back of the note features a vignette of the Parliament building, against a background of sandpaper vine patterns. On the lower right hand corner were depicted sandpaper vines, commonly found in the country. Below the $1,000 denomination at the top (to the left) was featured a traditional headdress ornament from Sabah. Beyond were designs based on Bajau (Sabah) woven patterns. The predominant colour of the note was grey/green.