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The Malaysian Currency :  Circulation Notes

Past Series - RM500

The portrait of DYMM the first Yang Di Pertuan Agong on the front was surrounded by ornamental designs based on traditional carved wood screens. Details from woodcarving and ornamental silverware against a background of songket patterns in gold form the general background design of the note. Above the Bank's name were designs from intricate Malaysian woodcarving. The latent image is located in a prominent (centre of the note) woodcarving decoration taken from a Muslim pulpit. Below it is the see-through feature in the form of a diamond-shaped space.

The note features a vignette of the Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad in Kuala Lumpur as the main theme, against a background of songket patterns. A rafflesia plant from Sabah, interwoven with ornamental spirals from Sarawak superimposed on machine ornament around the Bank's emblem, was depicted on the left of the building. Bordering the building on the right and bottom were motif of Malaysian designs. At the bottom of the note was see-through duplex based on Malaysian ornamental styles. The note was predominantly marooned in colour.