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The Malaysian Currency :  Circulation Notes

Past Series - RM50

Decorative foliage patterns based on ukiran (woodcarving) motifs surround the portrait of DYMM the First Yang Di Pertuan Agong on the front. Above the Bank's name were more intricate ukiran architectural frieze designs. The general background design was based on kain songket. Prominent at the centre were weaving patterns of kelarai (based on design of the traditional basket of Sarawak) with the hornbill as its main motif. To the right of the $50 denomination at the bottom were patterns of Kayan (Sarawak). Further right (at the centre) was a prominent ornament, which form part of the Kadazan costume. The see-through feature uses a symbol from Kelantanese silver tray.

A vignette of the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur was the feature on the back, with a lotus flower depicted on the right hand side. The Bank's name was surmounted with ukiran architectural frieze. Arround the Bank's logo was ornaments from traditional carvings. At the bottom, to the right of $50 denomination were intricate designs of silver bracelet and a traditional kris (Tumbok Lada) in sheath. Blue/grey dominates the colour of the note.