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The Malaysian Currency :  Circulation Notes

Past Series - RM10

DYMM the First Yang Di Pertuan Agong's portrait on front was surrounded by a design pattern from a typical Dayak shield (Sarawak). Iban tattoo patterns line the top of the note. Above the Bank's name was an intricate ornament design from the sheath of a kris (traditional Malay digger). The background design includes patterns based on traditional Malaysian batik, ornaments, woodcarving and other crafts, interwoven with intricate geometrical patterns. To the right of the $10 denomination at the bottom was a stylised design of the kingfisher bird. To its right, were details from old Malay silvercraft. The see-through motif features a modern symbol of a carved flower.

A vignette of the Kuala Lumpur railway station, one of the major landmarks of the Federal Capital, was the main feature on the back of the note. The national flower, the hibiscus, was depicted on the lower right hand corner. Below the Bank's name were ornaments of hibiscus. To the right of the $10 denomination at the bottom were designs based on the decorations of kris sheath and ornaments from Kadazan costumes, against a background of Iban tattoo patterns. Red was the note's predominant colour.