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The Malaysian Currency :  Circulation Notes

Past Series - RM5

Decorative foliage patterns based on woodcarvings from Negeri Sembilan surround the portraits of DYMM the first Yang Di Pertuan Agong on the front of the note. The general background design includes patterns based on indigenous costumes, kain songket and other arts and crafts, supplemented by intricate geometrical patterns. At the centre was a colourful round design based on bead patterns from Sarawak. Ukiran (woodcarving) designs were depicted to the right of the $5 denomination at the bottom. The see-through feature uses a stylised pattern of the frangipani flower.

The back of the note features a vignette of Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur. Morning glories, a specie of flowers commonly found throughout Malaysia, was depicted on the right hand side of the note. Above the Bank's name were intricate silver ring patterns based on the elaborate costumes of Kadazans of Sabah. Below the vignette of the Istana were designs of leaf ornament, against a background of songket designs. The predominant colour of the note was green.