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The Malaysian Currency :  Circulation Notes

Past Series

The first issue of Malaysian currency notes by the Central Bank in June 1967 comprised the denominations $1,$5, $10, $50 and $100. A $1000 denomination note was issued on 2 September 1968.

With the official introduction of the new spelling system for the National Language, Bahasa Malaysia, on 16 August 1972, Bank Negara adopted the new spelling in all new printings of its currency notes. The words with new spelling are diperlakukan (di-perlakukan previously), Gabenor (Gabenur), Puluh (Puloh), Sepuluh (Sa-puloh), Seratus (Sa-ratus) and Seribu (Sa-ribu). The issue of currency notes with the new spelling, but maintaining the same designs as in 1967/1968, circulated side by side with the old notes.