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The Malaysian Currency :  Circulation Notes

Current - Series RM100

Bank Negara Malaysia has issued a new RM100 note, the highest denomination in a new design Malaysian currency notes series (3rd series). The new series incorporate new security features and retain some of the existing security features to deter counterfeiting. The new series will circulate alongside the existing series until the existing series are gradually phased out.

RM100 General 1The theme of the new series, "Wawasan 2020" reflects Malaysia's economic development and achievement towards a fully developed country. For the RM100 denomination, the background motif depicts the manufacturing sector. This is represented by a car production line, next to which is shown a close-up of a Proton car engine. The centre of the note depicts a gear wheel and cam-patterns from the side and above - everything in rotation. The new series also use RM as the currency symbol for the Malaysian Ringgit.

The security features of the RM100 denomination are highlighted here as a guide to the public. These features include the security thread  with the repeated "BNM RM100" text, three-dimensional watermark portrait, optical variable strip known as "LEAD®", anticopy feature known as "PEAK®" and security fibres in the paper. The new RM100 note retains the brown and purple predominant colours of the previous RM100 note design. The size of the note is also slightly reduced to facilitate easier handling and to be consistent with size reduction of other denominations in the new series. The intaglio (raised printing) of the portrait of the first Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong is retained as a dominant feature.

RM100 General 2The design layout for the Bank's logo in the top left hand corner, the denomination numeral and serial numbering, matches already established layout for the RM2, RM10 and RM50 new design denominations. Also, the perfect see-through hibiscus (in register with the front of the design) has been included on the central top and bottom edges as a common feature in the new series.

A horizontal "novel" style serial number is positioned in the top left hand corner, printed in black magnetic fluorescent ink. On the right hand edge of the note (to the right of the portrait watermark), a vertical "novel" serial number is printed in red fluorescent ink.

The public is advised to look carefully to differentiate the genuine notes from the counterfeits based on the features as outlined.