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Numismatic Quiz

1. Which State issued the tin-hat money?

A. Kedah
B. Johor
C. Pahang
D. Sabah

2. Which State used the cockerel money with rings attached?

A. Perak
B. Kedah
C. Pahang
D. Kelantan

3. Which Malaysian currency note (2nd series) features the National Museum on it?

A. RM1
B. RM10
C. RM50
D. RM100

4. The Morning Glory (flower) appears on which denomination of Malaysian Ringgit note (2nd series)?

A. RM1
B. RM5
C. RM10
D. RM50

5. The design of the kris is used on which denomination of 2nd series Malaysian coins?

A. 1 sen
B. 10 sen
C. 20 sen
D. RM1

6. The "Animal money" is made from ……………

A. Silver
B. Tin
C. Copper
D. Gold

7.Which of the following commemorative coins were issued by Bank Negara Malaysia?

A. Save The Children Fund
B. Maple Leaf Gold Coins
C. Fifth Malaysia Plan
D. 1st Anniversary of Independence of Malaysia

8.Which country introduced the first paper money in the world?

A. China
B. Japan
C. Germany
D. India

9. Which one of the following cultural artefacts appears on the RM50 note?

A. Boat's Prow
B. Gold Pendant
C. Big Sun Hat
D. Top

10 . Which colonial government issued its currency in our country?

A. America
B. Dutch
C. Portuguese
D. Spain